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TLV - Warden/Inmate Pairings


Post here if you are in need of either an Inmate or a Warden!

All sortings will occur on the 15th and 30th of each month unless an event interrupts, with temporary pairings going up on the 30th. If you have preferences, speak to the player in question that you want to be paired with before posting a full request. Both players must approve of a pairing before we'll consider it (a good way to do this is have one put "Attn: Mods" in the comment subject and list the pairing with full names in the comment body, and then have the other person respond to it with "confirming"). After each pairing period, if there's no pairing confirmation pairing discussion threads will be deleted. Please fill out the pairing form here so we have your character's full name and information.


- When you have an Inmate graduate and become a Warden, or a Warden who is demoted to Inmate, you may not post them for sorting until they have OFFICIALLY transitioned to their new state.

- While we can't prevent people from using pre-arranged pairings, we would much prefer that people pair with or at least consider existing characters than reserve their character to pair with specific characters that have not yet passed the application process.

Next Assignments: 5/30/17
  If you're on hiatus, please change the date of your pairing accordingly. We will respect waiting until the next round to make a pairing if you are unable to tag reliably.

Unsorted Wardens

Buffy Summers // [personal profile] heyidiedtwice
Danny Williams // [personal profile] dann_0
Fives // [personal profile] callmefives
Francesco Calvierri // [personal profile] sonofafish
Han Solo // [personal profile] laughitup
Hope Summers // [personal profile] athingwithfeathers
Luke Skywalker // [personal profile] neverjoinyou
Mick Rory/Heatwave // [personal profile] hottestrogue
Newt Scamander // [personal profile] ifoundthem
Nico // [personal profile] oddswerebad
Nikola Tesla // [personal profile] vampere
Rey // [personal profile] garbagepilot
Ruby Daly // [personal profile] imnotdone
Rosethorn // [personal profile] roseshavethorns
Shisui Uchiha // [personal profile] mirageofkonoha
Stan Pines // [personal profile] guiltocent
Stephanie Brown // [personal profile] spoileralert
Yara Greyjoy // [personal profile] wedonotsow

Unsorted Inmates
Annie // [personal profile] allgotrabies
Ardyn Izunia // [personal profile] of_no_consequence
Credence Barebone // [personal profile] credere
Elizabeth Jennings // [personal profile] yedinyy
Hans Gruber // [personal profile] exceptionalthief
Harry Starks // [personal profile] likeshowbusiness
Horseriver // [personal profile] hollow_king
Mortimer Toynbee // [personal profile] toadthejanitor
Nadayki di'Berinango // [personal profile] geekandthreequarters
Quentin Coldwater // [personal profile] magician_king
Shay // [personal profile] uglyminded

Current Temporary Warden and Inmate Assignments
(If you wish to opt out of temporary pairings, don't forget to post here)

Clark Luthor // [personal profile] a_different_future and Kol Mikaelson // [personal profile] original_brat
Danny Williams // [personal profile] dann_0 and Hans Gruber // [personal profile] exceptionalthief
Fives // [personal profile] callmefives and Nadayki di'Berinango // [personal profile] geekandthreequarters
Mick Rory/Heatwave // [personal profile] hottestrogue and Annie // [personal profile] allgotrabies
Newt Scamander //[personal profile] ifoundthem and Harry Starks // [personal profile] likeshowbusiness
Nico // [personal profile] oddswerebad and Ardyn Izunia // [personal profile] of_no_consequence
Nikola Tesla // [personal profile] vampere and Horseriver // [personal profile] hollow_king
Rey // [personal profile] garbagepilot and Credence Barebone // [personal profile] credere
Shisui Uchiha // [personal profile] mirageofkonoha and Shay // [personal profile] uglyminded
Stan Pines // [personal profile] guiltocent and Quentin Coldwater // [personal profile] magician_king
Yara Greyjoy // [personal profile] wedonotsow and Elizabeth Jennings // [personal profile] yedinyy

Current Permanent Warden and Inmate Assignments
(Alphabetical by Warden)



→ Alan Scott // [personal profile] ishallshedmylight
  ↳ Kylo Ren // [personal profile] hewasweak

→ Dr. Byron Orpheus // [personal profile] drbyronorpheus
  ↳ Mary McGarrett // [personal profile] othermcgarrett

→ Chloe O'Dwyer // [personal profile] walking_witch
  ↳ Zinzi December // [personal profile] nomissingpersons
→ Clark Luthor // [personal profile] a_different_future
  ↳ Kol Mikaelson // [personal profile] original_brat

→ Daja Kisubo // [personal profile] thirdshipkisubo
  ↳ Steve Rogers // [personal profile] punched_hitler


→ Furiosa // [personal profile] witness_this
  ↳ Wilhuff Tarkin // [personal profile] grand_mf

→ Gary "Eggsy" Unwin // [personal profile] formerself
  ↳ Alec McDowell/X5-494 // [personal profile] kissthatgoodbye

→ Helen Magnus // [personal profile] lifelines
  ↳ Steve McGarrett // [personal profile] super_seal

→ Iris Wildthyme // [personal profile] routemistress
  ↳ Spike // [personal profile] idolstolemylook

→ Jean Grey // [personal profile] fireincarnate
  ↳ Andred // [personal profile] notwhoiwas


→ Leia Organa // [personal profile] yourhighnessness
  ↳ Bill Cipher // [profile] isoceles_monster
→ Leonard Snart / Captain Cold // [personal profile] chillestrogue
  ↳ Shiro // [personal profile] wrecked_egg
→ Letty Ortiz // [personal profile] leavetreadmarks
  ↳ Eliot Spencer // [personal profile] a_very_distinctive

→ Max Rockatansky // [personal profile] nonsurvivor
  ↳ Todd Tolansky // [personal profile] weneverwin



→ Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver // [personal profile] cantcatchme
  ↳ Lark Tennant // [personal profile] ukan



→ Scott Summers // [personal profile] notrosecolored
  ↳ Clancy Gray // [personal profile] wouldhaverun

→ Tiffany Doggett // [personal profile] tucky
  ↳ Ashildr // [personal profile] myowncompanion
→ Trisana Chandler // [personal profile] stormandwind
  ↳ Erskine Ravel // [personal profile] golden_eyes







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neverjoinyou: (less happy)

Luke Skywalker | Star Wars original trilogy

[personal profile] neverjoinyou 2016-01-01 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Luke Skywalker
Character Journal: [personal profile] neverjoinyou
Status: Warden
Pairing Information: Luke is all about redemption. This is going to cut both ways when it comes to being paired, because on the one hand, he strongly believes that people can change, and on the other, he's just going through a pretty harrowing situation where his father did change, while dying to save Luke.

What this means is that he's now convinced that the true, inner good of a man/woman will eventually win out and it may come as some shock that not everything works this way. Star Wars holds a fairly black and white view of the universe, and while Luke is slightly greyer (considering no one else thought Anakin could be redeemed), he's also got protagonist syndrome and this environment will not conform to his epic narrative.

He's also really into loyalty. Friends, family... unlike previous Jedi Orders, he tends to think they make you stronger.

As a warden, I think Luke will take a lot of interest and try to bring his own experience and history to bear on the situation. This can potentially come off as invasive or meddling, especially since he's basically a kid in a lot of ways. He is, however, essentially a very good person, and capable of lots of compassion and patience.

I'll know more as I get to know him in this environment.
athingwithfeathers: (Default)

[personal profile] athingwithfeathers 2016-07-20 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Hope Summers
Character Journal: athingwithfeathers
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

Hope is generally not the most overtly compassionate person but beneath a businesslike demeanor she cares deeply and intensely. She’s empathetic, able to forgive and looks for the best in people. She won’t ignore or dismiss past but it doesn’t stop her from believing in people or in their potential. She’s screwed up and has grown from it, she extends the same chance to others. She’s also fiercely loyal and will defend people she cares about or feels responsible for to the fullest of her ability.

She'll probably have a tendency towards being slightly too smothering at first but she works on respecting boundaries. She'll also apologize for her actions if they've hurt someone and works on acting differently. She's a big believer in sharing information and will do her beset to treat her inmate with respect.
hottestrogue: (Default)

[personal profile] hottestrogue 2016-08-14 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Mick Rory / Heat Wave
Character Journal: [personal profile] hottestrogue
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:
Mick is someone you might not think should be a warden. He is a criminal and he does not regret that at all. He has however been through a bit of a redemption of his own and he thinks he can help others through that. He was betrayed by his best friend and partner and then used by the Time Masters to hunt him and the team down. He managed to get past that to once again work with the team and even being willing to die for them.

He is a good warden if your inmate needs someone who will give them tough love, who will encourage a fight and most importantly who will be on their side. Mick is stubborn as hell and that will most likely come in handy. He is also thick skinned and does not mind being brushed off. He is probably not a good fit if you need someone who has a gentle touch and is good at empathy.
heyidiedtwice: (gentle)

[personal profile] heyidiedtwice 2016-08-26 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Buffy Summers
Character Journal: [personal profile] heyidiedtwice
Status: Warden
Pairing Information: Buffy is a Slayer by destiny. She's also just a decent sort of person, out to try to help others. Granted, her way is usually by killing things that go bump in the night... Anyway, she has a very strong moral center, and has a bit of a tendency to try to straighten people out the best she can. Even if the best we she can do it is by being a friend and listening when she can. She'll deal with people are fairly as she can, and while there's some crimes she'll likely have difficulty with - she can do her best.
allgotrabies: (Default)

[personal profile] allgotrabies 2016-09-12 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Annie
Character Journal: [personal profile] allgotrabies
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: (From her app): Her needs as an inmate can be summed up in two ways: Overcoming fear, and Learning to value her own beliefs.

Annie needs to come to terms with her grief. Her plan is to one day get her brothers back, but the damage is still there: she needs to learn how to value her own voice, she needs to learn how to cope with fear, and she needs to learn what truly matters to her beyond the pack.

She will have a difficult time with women at first. In her culture, one woman runs a pack of up to twenty or more men; if women meet, it's tense. Annie is easygoing enough (and without a pack now) that she will learn quickly how to be friends with humans, aliens, and animals of all genders. She needs a warden who will challenge her to stand on her own two feet, and to be passionate about what she thinks.
geekandthreequarters: (Default)

[personal profile] geekandthreequarters 2016-11-02 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Nadayki di'Berinango
Character Journal: [personal profile] geekandthreequarters
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: Nadayki isn't going to be an easy inmate. He may seem like one, since he's willing to look cooperative and take whatever's offered, but he's extremely manipulative and dishonest, deeply selfish, and profoundly cynical. He's also pretty seriously damaged, from a lousy upbringing to recent losses to having spent months without the kind of contact his species requires to maintain basic mental health. Even his better impulses are likely to be scrambled. Though it's not like he was well adjusted before that. And yeah, there's the pheromone thing. He exudes sexy mind-control all the time, and while it's usually masked, he can change that whenever he wants (as it currently stands). He'll need a warden who can find some way to work with that.

As to what Nadayki really needs to be redeemed, his major issues are selfishness and lack of empathy. Some of his inability to understand that other people have needs and feelings and lives that aren't about him come from a legitimately lousy lot in life and his difficulty engaging socially even with his own species, and some of it is just that he's a self-absorbed asshole who thinks cruelty is cool and murder is funny. He needs to learn to make real connections with trust and communication and all those qualities of basic decency and that he's not the center of the universe, and he needs it from someone who'll hold him accountable for being a little shit while being gentle with the broken bits of him.
guiltocent: (Default)

[personal profile] guiltocent 2016-11-04 10:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Stan Pines
Character Journal: guiltocent
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

Stan is basically a straightforward person, despite the fact he's something of a habitual liar and not quite a former conman. On the personal level, he generally just says what he thinks - except when it comes to admitting to softer feelings, though he's not very good at concealing those from people who get to know him.

He wouldn't be the type of warden to hover. Partly because he's not always the most responsible person but also because he believes in independence and learning to fight back against the world. He also likes people who argue and stand up to him.

But he's there for the people he cares about and is stubbornly determined about it, no matter what. Often to the extreme. He certainly doesn't respect the law and embraces moral relativism while still having a certain code.
imnotdone: (Default)

[personal profile] imnotdone 2016-11-21 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Ruby Daly
Character Journal: imnotdone
Status: Warden
Pairing Information: Ruby is going to have a tough time as a warden. She's basically been a prisoner for six years, and she's been fighting to free others from the kind of place she was in, so effectively playing at being in charge is not going to sit well with her. She's a good person who honestly wants to help people, but she'll be pretty bad at it at first, mostly because she's going to start off by telling herself she's here for a deal and nothing more. She won't be very good at making friends until it just happens anyway, because that's basically how her life goes. Hold everyone at arm's length and then whoops surprise she cares about everyone.

I'm game for some trainwrecks! I'm not sure what kind of pairing she'd be best in, but she won't be a hard hand, at least not at first. She'll be hyper wary of anyone older than ~20, but she's also stubborn enough to push through.
magician_king: (get some sun)

[personal profile] magician_king 2016-11-21 10:38 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Quentin Coldwater
Character Journal: [personal profile] magician_king
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

Quentin spent a year on board the barge as a warden, but unfortunately didn't do very well with the stress of the environment and the responsibility. He has a natural tendency to give in and furl up on himself when he's deeply unhappy, and in so doing kind of drifted away some towards the end. He had a hard time seeing the exact needs of his inmate, and when they had conflict overreacted thanks to his tendency to try to handle strife with foolhardy and ill thought out quests.

He fundamentally tries. He really, honestly does. But he has a hard time looking outwards instead of inwards and does not historically see how he's impacting the people around him.

Quentin will be a handful for any warden because he does mean well. It won't be as simple as getting him to try to do the right thing, because he does try. His work is all in the nuance of personal relationships, and learning how to be himself minus some of the impulsivity and narcissism.

He runs miserably private too and has tremendously constructed walls at this point, that will make him an absolutely tough nut to crack. I'm extremely interested in playing out pairings going wrong, and he's a perfect candidate for that, because conventional approaches will be so bad for him! But the eventual successful warden will be the emotional/intuitive type, who listens well and wants to help.
sonofafish: (Default)

[personal profile] sonofafish 2016-12-08 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Francesco Calvierri
Character Journal: [personal profile] sonofafish
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:
Francesco is newly graduated. This could make it easier for some inmates to connect to him, but could alienate him from others. He does like the Barge as a place, if not necessarily a concept, which may be helpful in getting inmates to accept or at least deal with their situation.

He's also a giant alien lobster using a perception filter to appear human, so he could be useful in helping any inmates who are struggling with 'otherness' or self-acceptance. He is originally from the 16th century, so should not have any trouble with inmates whose issues stem from being from a past time period. He also has a strange point of view of a lot of things, and a non-human way of reacting which can either be refreshing or annoying, ymmv.

As a giant alien lobster, he does have the physical means to deal with strong, violent inmates, but his own instincts may make it difficult for him to handle that mentally. This is not me saying no to such a pairing.
yedinyy: (Green lean)

[personal profile] yedinyy 2016-12-20 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Elizabeth Jennings
Character Journal: [personal profile] yedinyy
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: Elizabeth will definitely be someone who'll need a village: there've been too many individuals in her life who could have influenced her to change and didn't. Not even her husband can ever completely get through to her. Her biggest problem is how completely unwavering she is- she's willing to compromise for a mission, but otherwise never. She's been raised with certain ideas and never had to let go of them; the isolation of being undercover has only intensified her passion for the cause.

The problem doesn't lie with her job, or her political beliefs, or something like that. People are honestly just completely expendable to her. Elizabeth will kill people for just seeing her take off her wig- she'll torture them for information and lie about everything throughout, before killing them; she doesn't even flinch at poisoning a woman's son just so that woman will bug her superior's office. This is all necessary, as far as Elizabeth is concerned, and not even a necessary evil.

The biggest thing that she needs to learn is that the end does not always justify the means. Honestly, it's an impossible task to expect her to give up her principles- and she shouldn't have to, either. But in being in the US so long, away from home, she must have romanticized the place. She grew up poor but now sees that as something that created strength, not something that was actually also very difficult and perhaps should not be an aspiration. Besides that, she has been in this business, this life, for so long that the most outrageous things seem perfectly normal to her.

Distance has helped with this already, as have her previous two wardens, but she does still need to learn to become less single-minded, more caring about the people she loves in the way that they need it- instead of the way she thinks they should want to be cared for. For all that she's a great spy and undercover agent she really needs to be learn how to have empathy for other people's situations.

Her ideal warden will know and understand what it's like to lie continuously in order to survive, to have ideals you want to die for, and then be able to let her see that there is a way to have those ideals without going to such lengths for them. She has already had two wardens who unfortunately had to drop, so she'll be a hard sell at first, but she's already grown a lot in the time she's been on the Barge.
of_no_consequence: (parting ways)

[personal profile] of_no_consequence 2016-12-30 03:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Ardyn Izunia (nee Lucis Caelum)
Character Journal: [personal profile] of_no_consequence
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

Ardyn is an angry, manipulative, sadistic bastard who's been alive for WAY too long, and it shows around the edges of his facade in the kind of way that sets one's teeth on edge. He's walked with gods and peasants, seen his world shift and change, moving from era to era under his watch and no doubt, to some degree, under his control. A former king, he has a very odd sort of pride that seems utterly flexible but it's very clear that he actually does nothing that he doesn't want to do and when he does, he makes the person pay for it. In any unguarded moment, one is likely to see just how much disdain he has for literally everyone and any true kindness shown to him is going to be greeted with a slap to the face or a knife to the gut. He lies like he breathes, and he gives a shit about exactly no one and nothing.

In short, he's going to be a tough nut to crack and whatever warden takes him on is going to have to weather a decent amount of headfucking, lying, manipulation, and outright attack on them to deal with him. The one person who ever really touched him was a healer (like he used to be), someone who just kept coming to try and help him regardless of how violently he opposed her, so a warden is going to need some stamina and a lot of PATIENCE to take him on. Any royalty is either going to be a really good idea or a really really BAD idea.

Taken from his app:
Ardyn USED to be a very good, very giving person. He was, in fact, chosen by the gods themselves to walk among the people and give them hope, burn away the darkness from them. And he took this mission to heart; he didn't just heal the people of the Starscourge, but he took that darkness into himself to do so. It's what happened afterwards that twisted him into who and what he is now.

And the thing is that his anger is FAIR: the gods dicked him over and while there IS some logic to not being okay with a guy filled with daemons sitting the throne it's... still pretty awful to someone who served faithfully and only did his duty. But what he needs to do is recognize that what was done to him, as unfortunate as it was, doesn't make his choice to hurt other people *right*. It doesn't mean that people literally millenia later should have to pay for it, especially the common folk who never had anything to do with what happened to him and who lauded him as a hero way back when. That a young prince shouldn't have to lose everything, against his will, only to also give up his life too just to kick Ardyn's ancient ass through the goalposts. And, to some extent, that just because you do a good thing, *no one is obliged to appreciate it*. The good deed should be it's own reward. And passing on the pain and suffering doesn't make you 'just', it makes you an asshole. Especially when, well, there are things he could have done with his immortality that could have been useful and good.

Because he didn't just hate the line of Lucis (aka, his own family) and the gods at large; he got to hate humanity too. Enough so that they weren't even a consequence; they were just a stepping stone. Enough so that a god who doesn't like humanity actually decided to work with him against the rest of the gods when Ardyn was responsible for 'slaying' most of the rest of them. His faith in people or their decency or their importance to him got utterly destroyed and he needs to gain that back. Needs to be able to empathize and sympathize again instead of simply deciding that his fate was the absolute worst and fuck you very much. He needs to find value in people again instead of just as fodder or interesting pieces for him to move around in pursuit of his goals.

Basically, he needs to get over himself rediscover the man who gave up his own throne to take the evils of the world on his own shoulders because it's the right thing to do when you can do it.
wedonotsow: (Default)

[personal profile] wedonotsow 2017-05-26 05:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Still want to give a temp pairing a try for June?
fullofrage: (Default)

[personal profile] fullofrage 2017-01-04 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Tristan Duffy
Character Journal: [personal profile] fullofrage
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

Tristan is a graduated inmate, and he still remembers what it’s like to be stuck here although that was ten years ago from his perspective. He still doesn’t really agree with a lot of the things the Admiral does, and doesn’t blame any inmates for being upset and acting out.

Some of his best friends are murderers and he’s really not all that concerned about morality. His stance is that he wants to help his inmate find happiness, not make them morally better people. Sometimes those two things go hand in hand, but not always, and he wouldn’t pressure an inmate to just be good for the sake of goodness. He’s got experience with self-destructive people, people who are hurt and lashing out because they’re upset, and people who are inclined to be follower types and need help breaking away from a toxic authority figure. He used to be all three of those things himself, actually.

As far as authority goes, he’s more laid back and would not be a good choice for an inmate that needs a strict authority figure. He’d much rather work with an inmate as an equal, although he will of course discipline them if he needs to. He would be very active and involved in his inmate’s life and try to find some common ground to bond over, and encourage them at every step of the way even if they're a bit stubborn.

Tristan is a vampire and most of his closest friends are ghosts so he has no trouble working with non-human inmates. However, he doesn’t actually have much in the way of powers and wouldn’t be able to physically restrain strong inmates.
funky_dixieland: (Default)

[personal profile] funky_dixieland 2017-01-12 08:12 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Will Blackwater
Character Journal: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

The first obstacle for Will is going to be getting through his performance as redeeming inmate. It’ll take a very long time for him to a) be outed as not as he seems and b) actually begin to open up when he’s through that part of the breakdown. After that it’s a question of getting to know people well enough to be able to crack his shell open a tiny bit at a time.

Will needs to complete the following steps to graduate;

-Accepting that collateral damage is not appropriate in a business setting, that the bodies he and Arthur left strewn behind them are not an unfortunate accident.
-Accepting that the emotional damage he does to people when he talks to them is real and lasting. He has a 'no harm done unless someone loses an eye' attitude and needs to bring his standards for what constitutes inflicting trauma back down to earth.
-Once he does both these things, getting over the 'every man for himself' attitude that'll still let him see all this and behave the same way for a little while longer on the grounds that it isn't his job to take care of the rest of the world.

Getting to be around people as bright as he is will also be a huge help. He's had too long around brilliant amoral people to the point where he can run rhetorical circles around the people who call him on his shit without actually being right. With good debate partners, plus time and partnership and some practice at the new behaviours, he is redeemable.

Best suited wardens for him are good talkers, charismatic leaders, and father figures.
hollow_king: (Default)

[personal profile] hollow_king 2017-01-13 02:11 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Horseriver
Character Journal: hollow_king
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

One of the first/biggest challenges Horseriver's warden would have is making him care. He's not interested in redemption; in fact, he's forcefully refused any chance at it. But, more importantly, he has to care in general. To make connections with people and see them as being as real as the people he knew before he was cursed to live for so long. Caring about people, taking responsibility for his actions - he has to do that in the present as well as needing to do it in the past.

On a personal level, his warden will have to be able to deal with his mercurial but generally biting personality - apart from those times when he falls into periods of depression. He (was) a king and has been a member of the court for centuries. He doesn't see a division between people due to class - that would imply that it's something he thinks of rather than an automatic assumption.

They'll need to have a certain level of his respect, or at least his interest, for him to pay any attention at all.

Getting to his problems will also require either understanding the world he comes from, at least in terms of what the responsibilities he abandoned and choices he removed really mean.
ifoundthem: (At Work)

[personal profile] ifoundthem 2017-01-13 02:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Newt(on Artemis Fido) Scamander
Character Journal: [personal profile] ifoundthem
Status: Warden
Pairing Information: Newt is awkward, unassuming, and perhaps even a little offputting at first blush. He struggles a lot with basic social niceties like personal space and eye contact, and he's aware that most people find him uncomfortable or annoying to be around because of it. Because of this, he's easy to overlook and easy to underestimate.

But for all his interpersonal difficulties, Newt is a deeply caring and devoted friend and ally. When he does make a connection with someone, he tends to cherish it, often putting their happiness and well-being above his own. He is, after all, literally a Hufflepuff, and does a good job embodying the House traits of compassion, fairness, loyalty, and hard work. Whatever inmate he gets, he'll take his responsibility to treat them with kindness and fairness seriously, and make them his top priority.

What might surprise people, however, is his boldness of spirit. Newt claims his personal motto is that worry only means you'll suffer twice. It's not that he doesn't experience fear, it's that he doesn't allow it to control him. It's incredibly useful - even necessary - in his work studying and caring for magical beasts, where a careless action taken out of fear could get him killed, but it translates well to dealing with powerful inmates.

He's most comfortable with non-human species, the less humanoid the better, so he may be a good fit for inmates who are creature-like or have a more bestial form or mannerisms (though he is quite capable of bonding with humans and humanoids, so that's certainly not off the table). He'd also be an excellent match with an inmate who has issues with being feared, or trying to control people around them with fear and intimidation. Those just aren't games Newt plays. Or he may get along well with an inmate who needs a lot of patience and coaxing, so long as they don't mind being cajoled and soothed like they're a spooked Hippogriff now and then. I'm definitely willing to play him off other kinds of matches, however, so if you're interested let me know!
Edited 2017-01-13 14:21 (UTC)
callmefives: (eyebrow)

[personal profile] callmefives 2017-01-14 06:01 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Fives
Character Journal: [personal profile] callmefives
Status: Warden
Pairing Information: As things stand right now, Fives will probably make a pretty lousy warden. That's going to change, but it's going to take some time while he sorts out how to cope with his sudden disconnection from everything that's defined his entire life and puts together some kind of support network. Once he does manage that, and figures out how this barge wardening nonsense works, he'll be an excellent warden for an inmate who wants or needs someone in their face and on their side combined with a fairly practical, mercenary approach. What hoops do you need to jump through to get out of here? Let's figure that osik out and get it done!

Because of the way he was engineered, raised and trained, he's got an incredibly skewed moral compass: he sees nothing wrong will killing people who get in the way or your goals, he was raised to see torture as simply another tool in his arsenal, and while he can be very personable (really, he can, just give him time to adjust), liking you will not stop him from killing you if it's necessary... but he will absolutely never resort to violence, murder or torture if they're not necessary, and given the option he will always choose the path with the least collateral damage. These are factors which could probably make him an excellent match for some inmates and a horror for others.

He's close to impossible to physically intimidate and under his current confusion and anxiety he's got an incredibly solid sense of self and commitment to very clear goals and ideals which makes him hard to manipulate. He will absolutely not shy from violence, and he'd do better with an inmate who's comfortable with a certain amount of casual contact and low key rough-housing, because he's very hands on and tactile and he'll have a hard time maintaining any kind of close relationship with someone that doesn't allow for that. If you can't take being affectionately cuffed upside the head or put in a choke hold by a 6 foot tall guy who's built like a tank he might not be the warden for you. (Not that he can't probably adapt, but... that is his default setting for affectionate interaction with people he considers peers. Gentleness is something he's never experienced, and it simply doesn't occur to him as an option other than with someone who's clearly weak or injured, but give him time and it'll probably come.)
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Danny Williams | Hawaii 5-0

[personal profile] dann_0 2017-03-13 06:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Daniel (Danny) Williams
Character Journal: [personal profile] dann_0
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:
Danny is a good guy, he might be loud and happy to punish people, but it is people he thinks deserves it. He is also loyal and will stay by those he considers his people. He is open and honest and not afraid to give anyone a talking to should they deserve one. He is good at reading people and while he might be an ass he does care about people and want to do the right thing. He won't be scared away even by an inmate who doesn't want to deal with him and he'll stick around for them.
He'll do well with an inmate who can handle him being a bit of an asshole. He might give you crap but he'll stand by your side.
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[personal profile] exceptionalthief 2017-03-14 12:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Hans Gruber
Character Journal: [personal profile] exceptionalthief
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: From his app—

Hans is a murderer several times over, a terrorist, an anarchist and a thief. He has very little respect for human life, not much of a conscience and a moral compass that's going to need some wrenching in order to point anywhere close to north. I don't think he'll ever become a boy scout, but he doesn't necessarily need to be in order to graduate; just stop being so violently extreme and acquire wealth in a marginally less disreputable way, such as bilking major corporations on the stock market.

At the outset, he'll probably try to manipulate his warden; ostensibly be a team player while doing whatever he can to get the upperhand, with no qualms about stabbing them in the back if necessary. If he gets paired with a warden he eventually comes to like and respect, this might evoke some twinges of conscience which would be helpful in enabling him to actually develop one. Eventually, he could come to see there's more of a benefit to working together than against each other.

One angle a warden might use to connect or get through to him is to appeal to his intellect—convince him somehow that the path he's chosen isn't particularly smart (no Hans, this does not mean be a smarter thief). Basically, any implication that he's acting less intelligent than he might will chafe the shit out of him. It's not apt to endear his warden to him, but it will give him pause and possibly prod him into looking at things from a different perspective. He's not particularly stubborn or inflexible and I think he is capable of altering his behavior if it appears logical to do so. So, he just needs someone who can convince him that killing and stealing are dumb. Piece of cake, right? The non-permanence of death on the Barge may help with that as well in a weird way; a literal illustration that killing is not a solution. Any shift towards doing things for morally right reasons rather than logical ones will be harder, but it'll help if he learns some humility along the line too, a thing which hopefully floods will felicitate if he gets emotionally scraped raw a few times. He could also stand to be less of a hypocrite, but that's not necessarily essential to his redemption.
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Stephanie Brown | DC Comics

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Character Name: Stephanie Brown
Character Journal: [personal profile] spoileralert
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

From her app:
Steph has a good head on her shoulders, and is very grounded in reality. She navigates moral grey areas well and is more than intelligent enough to speak with authority to people much older than she is. She's in a unique position where she comes from a world with a very black and white view of right and wrong (heroes and villains have that effect), but she's seen the harm that heroes can do and the good that villains can do.

She may have some difficulties with anyone who isn't prepared to recognize the authority of an 18 year old girl, but she will assert herself with shows of will, strength or intelligence as needed. She has all three.

She is almost certainly going to read every inch of her inmate's file as well as every bit of their public conversations she can get her hands on before even saying hello. She will continue to monitor their conversations throughout the relationship. This isn't to gain an upper hand, though, more to gather as much information as she possibly can so she can give the best advice and prepare for whatever trouble they're likely to get up to.

If she is afraid of her inmate or concerned that she might be overpowered, she will not try to deny it. She is perfectly capable of coming up with workarounds for such a situation, and that kind of fear is natural and healthy. She doesn't believe in being ashamed of things you can't help.

Her areas of expertise involve light programming, hacking, 21st century technology, sciences, skateboarding and biking like a crazy person.
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Character Name: Credence Barebone
Character Journal: [personal profile] credere
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

Path to Redemption as per his application:
The first challenge for a successful warden will be to develop a relationship based on genuine mutual trust, given that Credence has never had one of those. Openness and honesty about their motivations and history will be very important. Eventually, Credence will have to learn to extend that trust to other people. The key to his redemption is to learn that he can outgrow his upbringing and learn to channel his gifts, rather than turn them into a pressure valve for his suppressed anger.

Learning to use his magic constructively will be vital. This doesn't have to come from his warden (it's not necessary that his warden have powers of any kind), but they would have to encourage him to take it up and support him through it, especially if anything goes wrong.
As a slight update to this, there has been some encouragement from Inmate friends for him to take up learning magic but he hasn't really worked up the nerve to try it yet.

In addition to the above, a Warden will have to work to get through the facade that Credence is currently projecting to get through to the deep anger, betrayal, hurt and neglect he feels. This is going to be one of those 'gets worse before it gets better' deals and will need someone who's in it for the long haul.
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Character Name: Harry Starks
Character Journal: [personal profile] likeshowbusiness
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information:

Path to Redemption:
Harry has the potential to be more, and better, than he is. He certainly has aspirations towards belonging to a more honourable (and wealthier) class than the one he was born to. He's very intelligent, even if he doesn't have the tools to express it, and can genuinely care for people, although he can't express that in a healthy way either. He does also feel a strong sense of responsibility on occasion - for example towards Bernie Oliver, a young male prostitute who was murdered at a party hosted by one of Harry's associates. Harry has no reason whatsoever to investigate this case - he doesn't learn that he supplied the party himself until fairly late on - but does it in the knowledge that nobody else will bother looking very hard into the death of a young gay man with no family.

On the Barge, a warden will have a lengthy job on their hands. He'll be cooperative in some ways just because he'll want to stay active, mentally and physically; he deeply fears succumbing to mental illness and regards keeping 'exercised' as a way to avoid that. For the very same reason, however, there will be a degree of backlash against the nature of the Barge itself - as mentioned above, he will see the ship as being more like a mental institution than a prison. Working through this, and then through the fact that he can't fake his way out, will take effort and patience on behalf of his warden.

Lingering on his past won't do any good; Harry has a tendency to brood over his failures and he has so many of them. A clearer focus on the future and what he could accomplish by going straight(er) and laying off the violence. The way he treats the people he claims to love is obviously something that needs to be addressed; Harry likes people, needs their company, treats them horribly and then loses them. He doesn't seem to see the relationship between the latter two points.
There's not much to update here besides the fact that he's been through a lot of temporary wardens by this point and is extremely exhausted by the whole process. 8|
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Character Name: Han Solo
Character Journal: [personal profile] laughitup
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

A year ago—

[At the outset, Han is likely to be a pretty shitty warden in the respect that he's not apt to be all that supportive, understanding or patient and will probably attempt to order his inmate around rather than reason with them. He will however, accept responsibility for keeping his inmate safe; anyone who threatens them will have to deal with him (unless his inmate was asking for it, then they deserve what they get, which will include him telling them not to be so stupid in the future). I expect this to gradually change though, because as canon shows us, he's definitely capable of growth in the compassion department (or losing the battle against denying he actually has feelings) so eventually the day will come when he'll be a good warden, but today is not that day.]


After a year on the Barge and a mostly productive and eventually successful experience with helping an inmate to graduate, Han has indeed made a lot of progress towards becoming a fairly good warden. His capacity for understanding has broadened and he's developed some patience, leading to him being more able to listen to his inmate's side and/or concerns than dismissively waving them away, or stubbornly imposing his own viewpoint. While he still can be immature and opinionated at times, he's made some strides forward in that respect as well, helped in part by a three and a half year jump ahead in his timeline due to a canon update, during the course of which he began to more willingly accept responsibilities and stopped insisting the only person he cared about was himself.

From his previous inmate, he learned that working together is a lot more beneficial than butting heads together and that will continue to be his approach in any future pairings.

Er... ideally, anyway.
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[personal profile] toadthejanitor 2017-05-07 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Mortimer Toynbee
Character Journal: [personal profile] toadthejanitor
Status: Inmate
Pairing Information: Despite Mort's glum suspicion of just about everything he's warmed up to feeling a little hope on the Barge. He still has a knee jerk cynicism but his feelings aren't so bleak beneath it. His recent Warden, Hardison had a hands-off vaguely and distantly supportive approach which helped in some ways. The lack of control felt a lot like respect.

On the other hand, if your Warden has issues with mild antisocial behavior (stealing, beating up a random stranger because his date wants him to), he hasn't changed a bit. He still has severe issues with self worth, he's still easy to manipulate but here on the Barge where everyone's in the same horrible boat and there's little anti-mutant prejudice he feels a little less alone.

What he mostly needs is a chance to be involved with other people and not a closed-off ball of shame. He's capable of loyalty, determination, and inventiveness when he has a cause. However, it's going to need to be something that comes from inside him, not something that's imposed from the outside. (That's not to say a structured, pushy Warden with an agenda wouldn't work, that kind of Warden might work very well especially if it pushed Mort to rebel.)
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[personal profile] wedonotsow 2017-05-11 12:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Yara Greyjoy
Character Journal: [personal profile] wedonotsow
Status: Warden
Pairing Information:

Are you looking for a caring, supportive warden who's willing to give the benefit of the doubt, have patience, and work through issues together?

Well, here's a murdering, raiding pirate who hits on inmates and wardens indiscriminately, likes to drink and fight, and is basically here to harass a prisoner into graduation by getting as far away from her as possible.

Yara doesn't particularly like the "soft" idea of wardening, and thinks if she annoys her inmate long enough, he'll graduate out of spite. She's had one permanent pairing, and is a little sore still about losing him, so she might be a little gentler this time around.

A little. Not much.

But regardless of however she treats her inmate herself, Yara will fiercely defend him or her from harm while she's wardening. She's invested. Good luck getting rid of her. She can teach independence, going against the grain, fighting, sailing, and self-confidence. And a whole lot of worse habits.