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TLV - Mod Contact


If you have a question, comment, or complaint to raise to the mods, you can contact us directly by emailing us at any of our listed emails/AIM addresses or by sending a PM to any of the listed character accounts. These will be forwarded to everyone else on the mod team unless requested otherwise. If you have a general question about the game, you can also leave a comment over in the FAQ.


A.J. || surfaceshines @
AIM: surfaceshine
Plurk: [ profile] surfaceshine
Journals: [personal profile] kissthatgoodbye // [personal profile] leavetreadmarks

ALLISON || allisonhodges2 @
AIM: cannibalherpes
Plurk: [ profile] cannibalherpes
Journals: [personal profile] chillestrogue // [personal profile] grand_mf // [personal profile] wedonotsow

ARI || redrobin133 @
AIM: FallenSun13
Plurk: [ profile] with_discipline
Journals: [personal profile] hewasweak // [personal profile] imnotdone