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Apr. 13th, 2015 08:31 pm
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[Late afternoon, there comes a voice onto the Barge's network. It has the same quality as the Admiral when making announcements - resounding, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere, unaffected by the glitches that plague normal communicators trying to connect from planet to ship.

It doesn't quite sound like the Admiral. Does it?

Passengers, do you know what the nature of creation is? That is to say, this universe and all others? I searched for a long time to know the answer. It was my assignment to bring order to chaos, you see - to ensure that no living thing had to suffer because of our oversights. Where there was evil I was to redeem it. I was rather like some of you, in that way.

I found, of course, that the more chaos I eliminated and set right, the more would spring up all around it. It was as if my task itself was an unnatural intrusion upon a natural order, like Sisyphus pushing his boulder. That is how I knew. This creation of ours cannot and should not be fixed. Its inherent nature is that of evil and suffering, and it must be put out of its misery so we can begin again. To try to redeem is pointless. But, if you insist on continuing to delay the greater good...

I suppose you force my hand.
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The following Wardens and Inmates have been paired:

Arkin O'Brien // [personal profile] themissingpiece → Jerry Dandrige // [personal profile] 400yearsofsurvival
Chris D'Amico // [personal profile] mistconduct → Loki Laufeyson // [personal profile] tricksandmischief
Scott McCall // [personal profile] semifreakingnormal → Clementine Chasseur // [personal profile] visetvires

Wardens should expect a file to be delivered to their cabins shortly. Please familiarize yourselves with the information therein and introduce yourself to your new Inmate as soon as possible.
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[Early in the morning on Friday, a deep thrum slithers through the ship, followed by a distinct but temporary chill and the scent of baked goods. Dolls appear in every cabin. An hour later, the Admiral's voice sounds as usual:]

Good morning, passengers. We seem to have taken on water. Please be aware of any changes that may have occurred.

[OOC: The Of Soldiers, Princesses, and Dolls flood has begun!

A few reminders:

- Friday morning the dolls appear and a festive, anticipatory atmosphere pervades.
- Saturday morning affected characters wake up as their dolls.
- Sunday evening is either the battle or the ball!
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The following Wardens and Inmates have been paired:

Nathan Wuornos // [personal profile] neuropathy → Toshiko Sato // [personal profile] breakingmyheart
Raven Darkholme // [personal profile] permutates → Loki // [personal profile] coldlies
Vin // [personal profile] indispensible → James Stark // [personal profile] outofclothes

Wardens should expect files to be delivered to their cabins shortly. Please familiarize yourself with the information therein and introduce yourselves to your new Inmate as soon as possible.
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Post your requests to the Admiral below (accompanied by a link to the entry if it requires a direct response, and also a note if you would specifically like that request to be rejected) and we will get to them in a timely manner. Remember requests for weapons, dangerous items, drugs, requests by inmates, or the return of abilities can't be handwaved. Smaller items requested by wardens can be. An inmate request for a non-dangerous or non-addictive item (no cigarettes or alcohol) is more likely to go through if the inmate has a job.

Additionally, unless otherwise specifically noted, all threads on this post are considered to be Private.

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Wardens and inmates each play an important part on the Barge, and while the goal is often for inmates to be redeemed and become wardens themselves, very occasionally a change in position can happen in the other direction. When a warden becomes an inmate, we call this demotion. This is usually caused by the warden committing some heinous or unforgiveable act. If you are interested in playing out a demotion arc with your character, please fill out the form below. All comments will be screened; moderators will approve or deny the request.

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Fill out the form below to put in a plot request for plots that will cause physical changes in the ship or the residents of the Barge. These can be floods, breaches, ports, or player-run events. This also applies to smaller plots that will permanently alter the personality, appearance, and/or abilities of an existing character. Player-run events and character-specific plots will be evaluated and responded to. In the interests of receiving a thorough write-up, a form is provided which address any concerns we might have.

We will check this post once a week. If something needs our attention urgently, contact the mods directly. Comments are screened.

Type: Flood, Breach, Port, or Player-run Event.

Description: Description of the events and the plot itself.

Duration: How long do you estimate your plot will last? This doesn't include preliminary build-up.

Effects to the Barge: Will there be any significant changes to the Barge, or will the ship remain unaffected?

Character changes: Will a character have a change of appearance? Be healed? Have their abilities removed, refined, or increased? Will these changes be permanent for some or temporary?

Content Warnings: Will there be any parts of this particular plot that people may find personally offensive or triggering?


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Overall, please keep in mind that the Direct Care Wardens are competent medical professionals, and that other Infirmary Wardens have some measure of relevant training. These characters' players shouldn't be expected to comb their reading lists for posts or comments that are medically significant.

Read more... )
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     Beginning April 30, 2014, the Admiral is instating a new protocol for the passengers of the Barge called temporary pairings. They will be announced at the second pairing of each month and will be made at random, at the discretion of the moderating team. Temporary pairings will change every month and there will be as many as there are unassigned wardens or inmates, whichever option runs out first.

     This post is for explaining the rules, below, and also to opt out of having your unpaired warden or inmate temporarily paired. Opting out will not affect permanent pairings as outlined here, and may be added or rescinded at any time, for any reason, at the player’s discretion.

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     Please address any questions, concerns, or comments to your moderator team via the normal contact methods. To opt out of being eligible for temporary pairings, please fill out the form below. Comments are screened.

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Apr. 3rd, 2012 10:17 am
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Ideas on HMDs )
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Thinking about applying for a character, but not quite sure if they're a good fit? This post is dedicated to discussion of that very thing! A jury of your peers will help you in deciding whether or not a character you suddenly have a hankering for would be a fit for the Barge!

THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY. Nobody HAS to participate, and nobody HAS to post here before they post an application! This is just for people who are unsure and would like to have a discussion before they apply.

However, there are some rules.

1. Mods are the final decision makers. So, a lot of people love your character? Got great feedback? But then-- whaaaat?-- you post your app and it's REJECTED? GASP! Sorry, approval here does NOT substitute mod approval. Do NOT use this thread as basis for whining at the mods if your character is rejected. If you do, this thread is getting shut down. (PS: This rule applies EVEN IF ONE OF THE MODS GIVES YOU GOOD FEEDBACK IN THIS THREAD)
2. No content-less posts. I don't want to see any "OMG YES!" or any "HELL NO"s. You have to provide reasons. This post is for constructive discussion.
3. No flaming. This kinda goes with the above. If you think the character is fine but the player can't pull it off, BE CONSTRUCTIVE and don't insult the player.
4. BE HONEST. Speaks for itself. You think a character would be a terrible fit? Then don't say "Oh, it'll be wonderful!"
5. No plotting. A lot of times, people get all excited about making up plots for characters who aren't even in the game yet (and who MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED), leaving those who are in the game with nothing to do with... well, nothing to do. It's distracting and the excitement over "what-ifs" diverts too much from the actual game.
6. Don't take this personally. You do not equal your (potential) character. If everybody thinks it's a lousy character who wouldn't fit, it's NOT an attack on you or your RPing.

Put the character's name as the subject line (ONE CHARACTER PER COMMENT), and be sure to fill out the following form. Yes, some of the questions seem stupid, but these are things we'd like you to keep in mind BEFORE you apply for a character.

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0 out of 10 Warden Applications
September is an Inmate-only month. Only applications for inmates will be accepted

Application periods are open all month every month until further notice.

Please read all rules and guidelines before submitting an application. Be sure to check the Taken Characters list and the Retired Characters list before posting an application here.

  1. Each player may submit only one application per 30 day period from the date of approval of their previous application, up to the five character limit for the game.

  2. We currently will only allow THREE APPLICATIONS PER FANDOM IN A SINGLE APP CYCLE. This means that if one fandom receives three applications during the month, any additional applications for that fandom will not be considered and will need to wait until the following month, when they can be reapplied. Fandoms include the universe the title is in and any variations on it.

  3. If you are applying into an existing cast, please be aware that we will speak to players of characters close to (any version of) the character for which you are applying. We reserve the right to reject an application if it would render a current character or characters unplayable in the opinion of their player(s). If your app is rejected for this reason, we ask that you respect the decision.

  4. Both samples may be taken from threads on the Test Drive Meme, as long as they are recent and match your application with respect to canonpoint and warden/inmate status. The TDM goes up once per month and is always marked on the Event Calendar. If you would prefer to write yours out and would like some inspiration, check out the Flood Event tag on the OOC community; you're welcome to write a sample based on your character's reaction after one of these events! Here are a few popular choices.


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PORT: Land of the Dead
Dates: 11/17-11/20

Hey everyone, the Land of the Dead port will start tomorrow. So now that you've had a chance to think about this port and come up with some ideas, it's time to formally claim your NPCs. So old characters from the Barge or OCs for this port, state them here.

NOW, a few clarifications (and a simplified timeline of events) so that everyone is on the same page:

Clarifications under here! )

Also, guys, please. If you have questions or problems with this port, raise them here and we can get them sorted out. That's what plotting posts are for, after all. We would like everyone to have fun with this.
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If you have a question, comment, or complaint to raise to the mods, you can contact us directly by emailing us at any of our listed emails/AIM addresses or by sending a PM to any of the listed character accounts. These will be forwarded to everyone else on the core mod team unless requested otherwise. If you have a general question about the game, you can also leave a comment over in the FAQ.

Please note that creative assist moderators are responsible only for development and execution of game events and plot. If you have a player issue or question about game mechanics in general, please contact only the core moderator team.

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This calendar will be updated as new plots are scheduled and approved of. This includes player-run events, as well as mod-run events, floods and ports. The calendar will include links to each plot's info post when necessary.

THIS IS NOT A PLOTTING POST. You're free to comment with any plots you have scheduled, to remind the mods to add it to this post (if they haven't already). However, if you want to brainstorm a plot, it's best to do it in the OOC Community, to ensure that other players will see it and offer you feedback.

Event Calendar back here! )

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If you need to hiatus the game for one week or more, please fill out the form and drop a comment here. For activity purposes, hiatuses must include one week in a single month to allow exemption from that month's activity check. Please visit the FAQ for details. Hiatuses remain posted until the end of the month for Activity Check purposes, and a hiatus posted to the OOC community isn't sufficient. It must be posted here prior to the monthly Activity Check. A friend can post your hiatus for you.

You may not hiatus two months in a row, unless there are extenuating circumstances. When players feel they need an extended break from the game we are generally happy to accept re-applications when they feel they are ready to continue playing. If you feel you'll need more than a month-long hiatus and don't want to drop, however, please contact the mods and we can work with you to make arrangements.

Ashley | [plurk.com profile] bookworm84 | July 24th -- August 4th
→ Mary McGarrett // [personal profile] othermcgarrett

Siobhan | [plurk.com profile] fiercebadrabbit | August 7th -- September 1st
→ Todd // [personal profile] weneverwin

Ali-chan | [plurk.com profile] antipositional | August 23rd -- September 6th
→ Steve Rogers // [personal profile] punched_hitler

Ty | [plurk.com profile] autumnleaving | August 28th -- September 7th
→ Shiro // [personal profile] wrecked_egg

A.J. | [plurk.com profile] surfaceshine | August 4th -- September 15th
→ Alec McDowell // [personal profile] kissthatgoodbye
→ Letty Ortiz // [personal profile] leavetreadmarks

Stella | [plurk.com profile] sixflights | September 1st -- October 1st
→ Helen Magnus // [personal profile] lifelines

Jay | [plurk.com profile] fuzzytale | September 1st -- October 1st
→ Eliot Spencer // [personal profile] a_very_distinctive

Allison | [plurk.com profile] cannibalherpes | September 6th -- September 16th
→ Leonard Snart // [personal profile] chillestrogue
→ Wilhuff Tarkin // [personal profile] grand_mf
→ Yara Greyjoy // [personal profile] wedonotsow


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If you need to drop a character or the game as a whole for whatever reason, please fill out the form and drop a comment here.


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