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TLV - Rules


  1. All players and characters must be ages 17+. This is an adult game with adult themes. By accepting a position in the game as a player, you are attesting that you are of proper age to play. If you'd like to apply for a younger character, we will look at 15/16 year old characters on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of the moderators, but absolutely no characters under the age of 15 will be considered due to the typical nature of the game content.

  2. You may play up to five characters. No original characters, non-canonical AUs, or characters with previous game histories are permitted. Also a new version of a non-retired character that was previously on board the Barge, played by a different player than the previous incarnation, will not have the previous character's memories. Each player may submit one application per 30 day period and must have good activity proof with existing characters before the moderators will consider approving an additional character up to the five character limit.

  3. Your character must fit the premise and be able to function aboard a ship made for humans. All characters will appear to be a part of the local populations in local ports because of the Barge's "camouflage field," regardless of appearance, but the character must be of proportionate size and anatomy to make use of the ship's facilities and navigate the ship's rooms and levels. If you're unsure as to whether your character can pass or not, we encourage you to post here.

  4. Monthly activity requirements for this game are two of any of the following: journal entries, logs, or threads with 15+ comments made by your character. You will be expected to track your own activity and post it to the Activity Check post each month. More detailed information is available here on the FAQ.

  5. Every character in this game is your castmate. While we can understand that a panfandom game can be more fun with a few familiar faces around that your characters already recognize, that should come secondary to the premise of this game. Please don't ignore people simply because they don't play a character from your fandom. There is currently a monthly fandom cap of 3 applications per fandom per month.

  6. IC actions have IC consequences. Remember that IC =/= OOC. Expect for people to respond realistically to the things your character does, especially as the Barge is such a closed, limited environment. Also, do not assume that IC events have any bearing on how a person views you OOC, or how you should view someone else OOC. Don't act out against a person in character because of something they did out of character.

  7. You must remain IC and participate in HMDs. Participation in official HMDs is mandatory, and it is recommended that you also keep a personal HMD post in your journal so that players may speak with you outside of official HMDs. Don't quit over concrit: use it to make the experience more enjoyable for yourself and other players.

    We do our best to maintain a very constructive attitude towards HMDs, and we have some facts and considerations to help people give better HMDs. If you genuinely feel a criticism is more of a personal attack than anything constructive, please come to a mod at any time and ask for their opinion.

  8. No god-modding, info-modding, powergaming, etc. Slip ups happen, and it's fine if you get permission from a player to god-mod something, but if you persistently god-mod, info-mod or powergame, you will be warned. Fourth walling a character without their player's consent OR fourth walling when your character wouldn't know the canon counts as info-modding. There is a permissions page available for easy reference for individual characters if you are not sure of the player's preferences.

    IC actions that infringe on other characters must be discussed with the relevant player(s). If your character is the sort of person to steal things, stalk people, whistle obnoxiously all the time etc., the onus is on you to make sure that the players of characters being stolen from/stalked/whistled at are aware of what's going on. Keep in mind that all areas on and below decks, besides the common rooms and areas, are often locked and/or have supervisors holding the keys. If you are undertaking a plot that flouts this rule, this is godmodding, and the mods may ask you to retcon it.

  9. All major plots that will affect the structure of the ship or character abilities must be approved by a mod. If you have any port/plot/flood suggestions, please post them to the Plot Development Threads or you can use the Mod Contact page to find a mod to speak with. When in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask!

    In addition, all plots must be posted to the OOC community. This is simply a courtesy to other players, as TLV occurs in a restricted setting. While you may think a plot won't affect more than just two or three characters, there are often longer reaching effects.

  10. All Moderator decisions are final. Discussion takes place on a separate community and no moderator is required to disclose information about a situation to anyone that is not directly involved in it. This doesn't mean we will never explain ourselves, but to keep things running smoothly we do use confidentiality to make the majority of our decisions for a variety of reasons.

Is there something you'd like to see addressed that isn't? Check out the FAQ!

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