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Premise and In-Game Mechanics
Barge Overview
Warden Overview
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Inmate Overview
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- Pairings
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Barge Network
Language Barrier
Access Keys
Setting Destruction
Dying and Injuries
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IC Punishments
Admiral Requests


  1. What is the Barge?

    The Barge is a massive ship that traverses time, space, and dimension. It draws new passengers onto it all the time, for reasons that are rarely explained to anyone. It does not travel on water, but rather floats through unknown space, which can be seen from the deck. It has eleven levels, including the Wardens-only upper levels and level 0.

    More information can be found about the physical structure of the Barge and how its components function on the Settings and Locations page.

  2. What are Wardens?

    Wardens are the keepers of the Inmates. They can come from any time, place or universe, but it’s pretty rare for an Inmate to be paired with a Warden from their own world. Each Warden has a unique item that points them in the right direction in ports and alerts them when their inmate has died, as well as acting as a key to Warden restricted areas like the CES or cells in Level 0.

    Unlike Inmates, Wardens have the option to leave when they feel like they’ve done all they can. Wardens may choose to leave after they’ve helped reform a number of Inmates, while some simply give up on an incurable Inmate and leave them alone.

    If you're a Warden, you won't come into the game asking where you are: you've been invited here to fulfill a purpose and have willingly accepted it. You've already made your deal with the Admiral, you already know what is expected of you. The only characters that should be confused are Inmates. There are exceptions. If it fits better with your particular character to be a little confused about their presence and purpose on the Barge (i.e. those with no clue whatsoever about supernatural entities or in canonical situations where they were confused or particularly pressed) that is fine but this should not be the case for everyone and must be discussed with the mods on a case by case basis. The form and function of the conversation with the Admiral is at player discretion as works best for your character, as this is an IC level motivation to get them into the game, but they will not remember much about the Admiral him or herself.

    If you’re a Warden with special powers, you’ll still have them on the Barge; they should be used to help your Inmate. When you get assigned, you’ll be given a file of your Inmate’s history and past crimes. All Warden players should review the Inmate's bio in their application and familiarize themselves with any special powers/personality quirks. Regardless of any physical weaknesses you may have, it is your responsibility to request from the Admiral anything you'll need to make keeping your Inmate under control manageable for you. If you need clarification, ask your Inmate's player.

    It’s your job to help your Inmate to redemption. This means doing something beyond asking if they're all right every week or so. If your Warden's personality suggests they will be a negligent or dangerous person for their Inmate, that's fine as long as it is agreed upon on a player level. Just bear in mind that In Character actions breed In Character consequences. If you are not doing your job, people will notice, including the Admiral, and you will be addressed accordingly. Inactive Wardens run the risk of having their Inmates transferred to another Warden.

    In regards to In Character actions, keep in mind that Warden/Inmate sex will create IC consequences, as technically wardens are a professional with direct power over every inmate on board. This game is not for shipping. If you came here solely because you wanted your character to hook up with another character, then you picked the wrong game. If you want to develop some tension, have your characters start a relationship, or even abuse their status as a Warden or Inmate, that is fine, so long as it's In Character. Do it realistically, and be aware that any and all characters who know of it may respond accordingly. If your Warden decides to have sex with an Inmate (or vice versa), bear in mind that again, it won't go unnoticed.

  3. What are Warden Items and how do they work?

    Warden Items can be just about anything, so long as it's portable. They serve several purposes:

    1. They act as keys to the Warden-Only areas, as well as the Level 0 cells.
    2. They help you locate your inmate in ports and on board the ship.
    3. They tell you when your inmate is dead or dying.

    Each Warden Item is different, and their methods of communication are different, too. If your warden has a compass, it may simply point in the direction of your inmate. If you have a notebook, it might scrawl hints. Be as creative as you'd like with your items.

  4. What are Warden Deals and how do I get one?

    Every Warden comes on board after having made a deal with the Admiral, or knowing that they will be expected to have one if they are particularly indecisive. What that deal is composed of is between the Warden and the Admiral unless your character chooses to share it with other characters. Upon graduating an inmate, a Warden will receive their deal with no funny business involved. Wardens may graduate multiple inmates for multiple deals. Deals may consist of basically anything, considering the Admiral's semi-cosmic, all powerful... power.

  5. What's this Demotion business?

    As Wardens are considered to be the individuals in power on the ship with the exception of the Admiral, as well as setting the example by which the inmates are expected to learn and redeem themselves, there is an unspoken code of conduct. It's not a very strict one, there are several "unsavory" behaviors that wardens can get away with because no one is perfect, but major transgressions (abuse of power over other passengers, murder, intentionally or repeatedly harmful behavior towards others) may result in the warden finding themselves on the other side of the bars.

    Generally, demotion can be used and issued at the player's discretion to get the desired character development out of the game and environment, but in very severe cases if warnings have been ignored both IC and OOC or the infraction is serious enough, the moderators may require the demotion to inmate status or removal of a character from the game. For the former, ther is a demotion approval page here.

  6. What are Inmates?

    Inmates are villains: any baddie from any medium has the potential to wind up here, barring of course those irredeemable by their very nature for one reason or another. The Barge typically snaps them up when they die, or right before they're about to die.

    Some Inmates are consistently ornery, some learn what they're supposed to and return to normal life, and a few may decide they are of more use on the Barge and stay on as Wardens themselves.

    If you're an Inmate, you don't get to use your powers at the same level as you normally would. Expect to have them reduced by roughly 80%. When you apply, you will need to set power limitations. The mods will check over your reductions and ask for revisions if necessary.

    Keep in mind: powers that directly affect other people - we're talking breathing fire, psychic powers etc - will likely either be gone or have their range and strength significantly reduced. Although they will still need limitations, powers that only affect you are likely to be less harshly restricted. Similarly, if it is a trait or ability that you had at birth - like being born with claws, or belonging to a race where everyone can read minds, etc. - there may be reduction, but not total removal.

    If an Inmate plans to cause trouble, you need to inform your assigned Warden if you are paired as well as any people who are involved, and that includes anyone with a cabin on the level it will take place. Please remember to make an OOC post giving any information players will need to know. Remember, if you do something bad, you are going to get caught. You're on a prison ship. Make plans for it in advance and don't godmod everyone else into complicity. If you want to do something bad and keep it a secret, you'll have to plan it so that people, including your Warden, realistically won't notice. Talk to the mods and players involved first if you have any doubts as to how to go about this or if something is appropriate.

  7. How do Inmates arrive on the Barge?

    Inmates will have one of two experiences between their death or near-death and awakening on the Barge. The first possibility is that the Admiral will simply take them from the point of their death or near-death and bring them to the Barge without their consent. In this scenario, the inmate will have no idea where they are or how they got there.

    The second possibility, introduced in May 2016, is that at the moment of death, the Admiral will appear to inmates who might be persuaded to give up their freedom in order to save their own lives. He will have a conversation with them similar to his conversation with wardens; memory of this conversation will be vague, but inmates will remember being told that the Admiral can give them a second chance at life if they come with him. They won't clearly remember the Admiral's description of the Barge, but they will be sure that it was considerably more rosy than the reality.

    It's up to player discretion which of these options is the best fit for their character. Note that the second option does require the character to agree to come to the Barge, so if your character would never under any circumstances do that, the first option is likely a better fit.

  8. How do Inmates graduate? Who decides that?

    Graduating your inmate character is made at your discretion as their player. Whenever you feel they have learned the lessons you originally outlined in your Path to Redemption upon applying to the game, or when you feel they have advanced as far as they can in their development as an inmate, you (and, courteously, the player of your character's Warden) decide that they have graduated and make the announcement to the game however you see fit. A popular method for discovering graduation is that an inmate stops registering on their warden's item, or discovers that they suddenly have a full bathroom as opposed to only a sink and a toilet as outlined in the Cabins section below. It's also somewhat common to get a plateful of cookies from the Admiral upon graduation.

  9. What are official/permanent pairings?

    Permanent or official pairings are the entire point of this game: wardens and inmates that have been assigned to each other by the Admiral. Announcements for pairings happen on the 15th and 30th of each month unless an event interrupts this schedule, and though characters will ICly blame the Admiral, this is actually an entirely OOC choice made by the players. Both players of the inmate and warden halves of the pairing must agree to it and comment to the pairing post in order to be officially paired; either PLAYER may exit the pairing at any time. Characters do not get a say in this.

    Officially paired wardens will receive a file on their officially assigned inmates, who will also register on their warden items as outlined above. This is the inmate that a warden must graduate to receive their deal, and this is the warden that is responsible for managing this inmate, their actions, and their redemption.

  10. What are temporary pairings?

    Introduced on April 30, 2014, temporary pairings are the solution to unpaired wardens having nothing to do and unpaired inmates having no one to mind them. Temporary pairings are announced on the 30th of every month and will change each month. They are made at the discretion of the moderator team, who will do their best to regard player wishes to avoid certain pairings for any reason, or to opt out of the temporary pairing lottery for any reason at any time.

    Temporary wardens do NOT receive inmate files, and temporary pairings may be broken up for official pairings at any time at player discretion. Temporary wardens will not receive a deal should their temporary inmate graduate during their pairing. Additionally, as of April 2016, new or recently unpaired characters will only be eligible for temporary pairings for six temporary pairing cycles, after which they will receive no more temporary pairings.

  11. What are ports?

    Every port is an optional stopover in a certain world, scheduled as an event by the moderators. Some are more dangerous than others. Before landing, the Admiral will typically announce the port and explain any specific tasks he wants the Warden and Inmate pairs to do while they’re there if there is one. Usually, tasks laid down will specifically have to do with the further growth of the Inmate, but sometimes a task will challenge the Warden as well.

    Only Inmates with Wardens may go off-ship, though interim Wardens can be assigned to unpaired Inmates. If a pair chooses to leave, they step into whatever world the Barge has stopped at. They might be returning to a world where an Inmate or Warden used to live, or they might be stopping somewhere entirely new, depending on the event that has been planned and announced to the game as a whole.

    In port, Wardens and Inmates have to blend in, do what the Admiral asks and stay alive. Pairs need to find some way to work together, as their survival may depend on cooperation.

    Sometimes when making port, a Warden and Inmate will be split apart when one or the other falls overboard. Falling off the Barge causes the person to become integrated into the port world. They’ll have no memory of who they really are, they could be anybody, they might want to hurt you and it’s the job of the other half of the Warden/Inmate pairing or your character's close CR to find them and bring them back. Falling overboard or, in most cases, going ashore under their own power is a decision made at the player's discretion unless otherwise noted by the moderator team. For information on how canon NPCs are treated in these situations, check out number fifteen in the OOC FAQ.

  12. What are floods?

    Every now and then, the Barge will pass close enough to a world that some of its essence will seep onto the ship. Though there is no actual water involved, this phenomenon is called a flood and will last from a single day to five. This is usually preceded by a sudden and generally noticeable quake, followed by an announcement by the Admiral. They are events planned by the moderator team and announced to the game as a whole on a monthly basis and may have effects varying from something as innocuous as causing uncontrollable hiccups to something as major as swapping places with someone else in your character's life so they are now on board the Barge in your normal character's stead. Characters may or may not be affected by floods at the player's discretion, unless otherwise noted by the moderator team.

  13. What are breaches?

    Breaches happen when the Barge partially collides with one of the worlds it is passing without actually docking there, causing it to overlap onto the structure of the Barge itself. They are kind of a halfway point between floods and ports: they are typically more severe than floods, changing the Barge and everyone on it into an entirely different world, without being separate like a port. Breaches affect every conscious character on board and tend to take the form of AU versions of the characters; a player may choose to coma their character if they do not wish to take part in the event.

  14. What are journals/communicators and what are they capable of?

    All characters come into the game with a portable communication device. Unlike warden items, these devices ARE universal. Everybody has the same type of communicator with the same functions. Think of it as a smart phone. It can even come in different colors.

    If you'd still like to have the personal touch of a handwritten journal, your character can still have one for text posts; however, you still have a separate communicator to send and receive voice/video/text, as a paper journal will not have speakers or a video screen to send and receive incoming transmissions. Think of it like an advanced walkie talkie, in this case.

    Naturally, antiquated characters will be unfamiliar with these devices upon arrival, but they can learn how to use them.

    Your character will not be able to hack a journal, no matter how good at it they are. If hacking is an innate ability they have, it won't work on the journals; the only way someone can get access to another person's communicator is for a warden to request access from the Admiral to monitor their Inmate or for a communicator to be stolen from someone else. If access is granted by the Admiral, a warden can not backread the filter or see the replies their inmate's messages get, just what their inmate sends. A warden also can't see what an inmate posts to the general inmate filter.

    In addition, communicators have a Special Access function that allows the people on the filter to access the character in question's cabin with magical, supernatural, or technological means; for more information on this, see the Cabin information below.

    If your character breaks open a communicator in an attempt to rewire it, the actual device will be filled with miscellaneous materials (ex. buttons, silly string, circus peanuts...).

  15. What is the Barge network?

    Think of it a little like a closed circuit internet, if that internet was limited to a blogging site: it allows the characters to communicate with one another and new characters to back-read old public posts from characters that may no longer even be present on board, via the communicators outlined above. The network is just enough technology and just enough magic to prevent characters proficient with either from messing with it, and is part of the Barge environment.

    In terms of display, the Barge network registers communicator IDs rather than character names - more like an IP address than anything else. As such, when your character first comes on board the Barge, if they don't identify themselves in their initial broadcast, their name won't be anywhere on the display. However, communicator IDs cannot be edited, so once your character identifies themselves they lose any sense of anonymity on the network. Additionally, there is not an anon function on the network; all posts will be tied to your character's communicator ID.

  16. What sort of cabin will my character be placed in?

    Any sort of cabin you want! Within reason...

    1. Cabin Appearance: All unoccupied cabins are wooden, plain, and have a single window with a view towards space as well as a standard door. When the cabin becomes occupied, it (as well as the door) changes to suit its new inhabitant. This could be a reflection of home, where they spent their childhood, somewhere where they were imprisoned, or even a hotel room they stayed in overnight once - so long as, however briefly, it was home. Warden cabins can be changed on request, and Inmate cabins may be changed if their Warden asks - though the Admiral reserves the right to say no.

    The view from the windows is the same as the view from deck. As on deck, during daytime hours there's something enough like sunlight to sustain any potted plants you might have on your windowsill but that will not cause any adverse effects to characters that are sensitive to it.

    The ship rooms are larger on the inside than they appear from the corridors. Wardens have the benefit of having full bathing facilities while inmates have a sink and a toilet rather than a whole bathroom (making it necessary for them to use the public inmate showers). Wardens also may have a full house (within reason; if you lived in a mansion you can't have the whole thing. Over five rooms is pushing it), arranged as the player sees fit (main floor, basement, attic, etc). Inmates have one room along with their adjoining restroom.

    Doors are numbered alternately, with evens on one side and odds on the other. Level 1 is immediately below deck; Level Zero is at the bottom of the ship, just below Level 8.

    Inmate rooms will be devoid of dangerous and potentially dangerous items including (but not limited to) weapons, munitions, and drugs (excepting alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine). If you are not sure if something that should be in your character's room would be brought onto the Barge, please ask the mods before assuming.

    2. Cabin Invasions: Cabins are protected areas of the ship. Scanners, magical amulets, spells, and special abilities that allow for visual or mental intrusion will not work on an occupied cabin. In order to come or see inside, the door has to be opened or a hole made. The only device that can see into a cabin that's not "breached" in such a fashion is a Warden Item, whenever an inmate is dead or dying inside. This works both ways: if you are shut in your cabin you cannot use your powers or remote controlled devices to cause chaos outside. Traditional senses will still work (depending on how well insulated the cabin supposedly is) so if someone is bleeding to death or calling out for help, they can be found.

    It is possible to grant permission to another character to access your room using the abilities or items mentioned above. As of November 3rd, 2012 there is a new option in the Barge communicator called a Special Access Filter, to which you can add the names of people for whom this is okay. Wardens are automatically added to their Inmate's SA Filter and cannot be removed. To clarify, the SA Filter does not function as a key. It only permits the use of skills or technology that would penetrate an individual's cabin as mentioned above.

    The doors of unoccupied cabins do not lock, so it's possible to hide out in one but you'll need to barricade it yourself to keep it closed. They are not subject to the protections mentioned above. The locks of occupied rooms may be picked with the permission of the character's player.

    Despite the strange ambiguous size issue that cabins present, doors can be broken down, floors can broken through so that someone falls through someone else's ceiling, and a hole can be knocked in someone's wall following standard physics rules.

  17. What language is everybody speaking?

    English, for the most part. Characters can speak whatever language they want (within reason: they have to have canon justification), just note it in the post/thread. There is no Barge-wide Babelfish to translate everything for you.

    If there is no way your potential character can communicate with anybody else, then we will allow for you to write in a basic understanding of English, which they receive upon arrival on the Barge. But for the most part, we'd rather not stress the issue of language too much.

    Another note on languages: outside of the provision we allow for characters who need to enter the game understanding English, your character cannot magically understand other languages that they did not or would not know in canon. They should not be able to speak every single language on Earth unless they are canonically proven to be able to do so.

  18. What are Barge jobs?

    As with any community of people in addition to an operational ship, there are certain functions that do best assigned to individuals to be responsible for, or that require individuals with a specific skillset. In this instance, it also doesn't hurt to have something to occupy otherwise idle hands to keep them out of trouble, and that's where the jobs come in! Any character with an IC motivation to do so may fill a job position, which is a decision made at the discretion of the player. The official jobs are listed here, and will be dependent on IC play to carry out once a character has been assigned to one position or another.

    Please note that there are characters in charge of each department and while some of them are indeed staffed by one, central character, in any case where there are multiple warden positions then the authority is equal on all fronts. Departments centered around specific areas (the gym, pub, infirmary, kitchens, etc.) may have wardens that are in charge of keeping the dangerous aspects of these areas under lock and key, but the areas themselves are still available for public use as marked and appropriate. Only the Admiral has final say over supervisor assignments, although supervisors in turn have control over what inmates they accept into their departments. Talk to each other, plan it out, and make some CR!

  19. Can my warden have a Barge job?

    For day-to-day, menial activities? No. Supervisory or professional positions? Yes.

    For the most part, wardens' jobs are being wardens. They do not need a second job. However, because inmates aren't exactly trustworthy enough to run everything, wardens are allowed the following positions:

    1. Supervisors. Each job comes with a supervisor position. There are no more than two supervisors per job. If all supervisor positions are taken, then sorry, your warden can't become a supervisor yet. Please note that there is no enforced hierarchy of supervisors in areas with multiple keys such as the infirmary or the dining hall: the positions are awarded (or rejected) by the Admiral alone by filling (or ignoring) an IC request for a key, and all key-carrying supervisors of any given area have equal authority. No exceptions.

    2. Professional Jobs. The Infirmary, Engine Room, and Research Laboratory are the exceptions to the 'NO WARDENS ON THE JOB' rule. Doctors should operate the infirmary, with inmates only working as support staff. The Research Lab is primarily for science-minded wardens to continue their work while on the Barge, and it is heavily secured to prevent inmates from being there unsupervised. Again, inmates can work in the lab as support staff-- in this case, lab assistants. And as for the Engine Room? Again, experienced, professional wardens should be working there with keys to access the dangerous areas and equipment, with inmates offering support.

    We do NOT allow warden support staff for these (or any) positions. This means that if your warden is not a doctor or nurse (or otherwise involved in the medical field), they have no business working in the infirmary. Same goes for Engineering and Research: if they aren't engineers or scientists, they need to stay out and the Admiral will not grant them a key.

  20. Why can't my warden work a job?

    Jobs are for inmates. They're part of the whole 'reform' thing, and they give them something to do. Wardens should be focused on acting as a warden to their inmate, not playing on the serving line in the kitchen.

  21. But wait, what are access keys and how do they work?

    Keys look like basic old-school keys; the room or area a key unlocks is inscribed along the side. Wardens must request keys from the Admiral. The Admiral will not automatically grant keys, particularly in cases where a supervisory position will require some subject-specific knowledge or competence. In the case of new requests, we ask that you wait for the Admiral to respond before assuming your character holds a key.

    Like the Barge communicators or Warden Items, the keys and corresponding locks are more than they seem: keys cannot be copied by any means. Characters who are skilled at lockpicking will be stumped by these locks; characters with superpowers/magic/etc. will not be able to break through the doors. Just as above-deck areas cannot be accessed without an Item, restricted areas cannot be accessed without the appropriate key. Keys can be borrowed or stolen, obviously at the discretion of the relevant player. If a key is lost the Admiral will be reluctant to replace it, so take care. If a supervising Warden leaves the Barge, unless they have given their key to another Warden, their key will vanish along with them.

    Possession of a key in the case of multiple warden supervisors per area does not inherently award authority. It just means you have access to the dangerous parts of any given department.

  22. Can my character destroy the Library/Infirmary/Etc.? Can my character kill everybody in port?

    When it comes to setting destruction, committing acts in public places, being loud, etc. please remember that this is a fairly small, contained setting. Minor damages, like breaking furniture or putting your fist into a wall, don't require special permission. However, if your character is trying to set a common room on fire or steal from the infirmary or jump off the deck, you have to let other players know. It's unfair to presume that there's somehow nobody around to spot your character when there is only a limited amount of space available on the Barge. Something like stealing from the infirmary without discussing it with the players whose characters work in the infirmary godmods incompetence onto them. Setting the library on fire without letting other players, whose characters may actually be in there at the time, know is godmodding complacency on them. We understand that accidents happen, but unapproved setting destruction will be retconned out of the game, and doing it persistently will probably get you a warning.

    And if you want to successfully destroy a part of the setting (again, outside of minor damages), you need to get mod approval.

    As for killing NPCs: the NPCs are not here to act as cannon fodder for you; they're here to flesh out ports. So, while you ARE free to kill/attack an NPC or reference your character doing so, you should remember to keep it within reason and EXPECT IC consequences for it.

  23. What happens when my character dies?

    When a character dies on or off the Barge, they may be revived either automatically (Wardens only) between 8 and 24 hours after death, or through an appeal from their Warden (or another Warden, if theirs is not available/they are not assigned). Upon revival, the character suffers from a temporary Death Toll. Characters are revived where they died, and must be taken to the Infirmary to recover.

  24. What's the Death Toll?

    The Death Toll is temporary side-effect from coming back to life. Effects of the Death Toll include:

    1. Fatigue for at least 72 hours;
    2. General malaise for at least 72 hours;
    3. Ghost pains of the injuries received prior to death for at least a week, decreasing in severity as time passes. These should reflect the injuries you've received prior to death and the way you died! The rule of thumb is: severe injuries (such as severed arm/leg/head) will create more intense ghost pains for a shorter period of time (example, a severed leg will cause intense pain at first and probably a limp, but won't cripple you for a week), while minor injuries (such as a broken arm/leg/neck) will generate less intense ghost pains (for example, you'd be sore, but it wouldn't impair your ability to move) over a longer span of time. Poisoned/drained by vamp/bled to death? Then you'd probably feel light-headed and fatigued longer;
    4. Nausea/inability to hold down food for the first few days; and
    5. Headache, dizziness and impaired motor skills lasting from 24-72 hours (longer if desired).

    Note: The severity of the death toll and how long these effects last are also dependent on the character. If the character has enhanced stamina, strength, endurance (read: if you’re a human and you don’t have powers that give you enhanced stamina/strength/endurance or aren’t an Olympic athlete, it’s unlikely you fit into this category), then he/she will probably overcome the Death Toll faster than somebody who doesn’t have any enhanced physical capacities.

  25. What about death-by-vampire?

    If your character gets drained by a vampire, they suffer the standard Death Toll. If they're turned by a vampire, however, they suffer from a modified Death Toll, which is as follows:

    1. A vampire can turn a character, but this will last only a week. It is strictly temporary.
    2. For the first five days, the newly-vampiric character would act as if they had been turned for 'real'. If the other vampire's canon dictates they should be a blood-thirsty predator, right from the start, then they'll be like that.
    3. By day six, any character who has been turned will start to experience the on-set of humanity returning to them. It won't necessarily hurt, but they'll find their bodies not wanting to drink blood/whatever as much, able to experience things which their vampiric self might have been harmed by and any superhuman abilities will start to weaken.
    4. All vampire effects go away by the seventh or eighth day.

    The type of vampire your character will become is dictated by the type of vampire who turned them: If Lestat turns you, then you'll be an Anne Rice type of vampire. If Aleera turns you, you'd be a Van Helsing type of vampire. If Spike turns you, you'd become a Slayerverse type of vampire. So, make sure you're familiar with their source material if you embark on that! Make sure, also, that your character could psychologically/emotionally handle the memories of being whatever type of vampire they're temporarily getting transformed into!

    Note: if everyone and their dog are getting turned into vampires, this will be put a stop to.

  26. On that note: what about ghouling/influencing a human?

    We have had instances where ingesting a vampire's blood can make a human feel loyal to/protective of the vampire and, basically, like an addict. This will depend on the vampire's canon!

    If the vampire's film/show/book showed the blood has no effect, then it won't here, either. If their canon did show that it can, then it would here, too. If their canon is ambiguous, then it's up to that writer's discretion.

    In the case of the latter, please keep in mind that you'd be setting a precedent! Writers of other vampires from your canon would have to follow that. If any exist, then please consult with them, first!

  27. What about becoming a werewolf?

    1. If a werewolf (or similar) curses another character, that curse may remain in place indefinitely.
    2. If the cursed character is an Inmate, their transformation and any other related abilities will be subject to Inmate restrictions, regardless of whether that Inmate's Warden has lifted restrictions on any other abilities they have. If the original werewolf is an Inmate, the cursed character will have the same restrictions that the original came on board with. If the original is a Warden, please contact a mod to discuss Inmate restrictions.
    3. The curse can be lifted either by characters who are capable of that sort of thing, or by the Admiral (in an Inmate's case, this request can come from their Warden). Please note that the Admiral will only act of behalf of characters infected while on board the ship. Recently de-cursed characters will suffer three days of debilitating fatigue after the fact, similar to the Death Toll.

    The form of werewolf that the cursed person will become will also reflect the original's canon. If they are from An American Werewolf in London they may have no control over their transformations, while another may end up a Discworld yennork with the inability to change forms.

    Note: if everyone and their cat are getting turned into werewolves, this will be put a stop to.

  28. What is a Barge Coma?

    The Barge Coma is the popular IC solution for an OOC player absence or decision to abstain from an event. Barge comas are exactly what it says on the tin: characters will either fall unconscious or simply never wake up and continue to appear to be asleep without needing food, water, or any other kind of basic care except some place to sleep it off in peace. Inmates in comas will NOT disappear off warden items, and doors will not go blank.

    Comas, their duration, how and where they happen and how and where they end is all at the discretion of the player. Comas may end or begin even if an event is ongoing in the game if necessary. Arrange with your CR or paired Warden/Inmate ahead of time so they aren't left in the cold, but this is a tool to be used to opt-out of events or to explain where a character has gone and what they are doing while you are busy IRL.

  29. My inmate's out of control. How do I punish them?


    That isn't very helpful, is it? Still, that's the rule of thumb for dealing with problem inmates: creativity. This does not mean that you can do anything you want with your inmate, but it does mean that you should think about what, based on your warden-character's knowledge, will really have an impact on the inmate. Every inmate is different. While some are terrified of being locked in the Level 0 cells (see Setting for more on Level 0), others consider it a joke. If your warden needs some help from the Admiral to enact their punishment, they can make a request to him, and he may or may not fulfill it, depending upon how reasonable it is.

    And a note on the cells: Level 0 exists as a player tool, not as the ultimate solution for bad inmates. It is to get a character out of the general populace if they've become a threat, while keeping them open to interactions with others, such as wardens who are guarding Level Zero, cellmates, and others who may be there. In the past we've had too many warden players get lazy and just lock their inmates in their rooms (sometimes without their journals), either for weeks on end or indefinitely, and that is completely unfair to the inmate's player. Level 0 gives them a chance to be locked up, while still having access to others through journal posts and spams/logs taking place in the cells.

  30. But my inmate is REALLY out of control, and I want to punish him. How long can I lock him up?

    You cannot lock an inmate up for more than seven consecutive days. Exceptions will be made for cases like hiatuses if the player consents, but that's about it. If you try to force it, the Admiral will automatically let the inmate out after seven days.

    It is not okay to constantly lock up/chain up/etc. your character's inmate. It is unfair to the inmate's player. It limits what they, as a player, are actually able to do in the game to such a degree that their character can become unplayable. While IC actions do have IC consequences, unnecessarily cockblocking a person all the time isn't fun.

    And honestly, locking them away all the time is just lazy wardening. That's why we stress creative punishments.

  31. Who can open the Level 0 cells?

    For unoccupied cells: anybody with a Warden's Item on hand. However, before you get too excited about this, remember that to even get into Level 0, you must be accompanied by a warden. No inmate can sneak or waltz right in.

    For occupied cells: only the inmate's own warden can open the cell-- and they still need their Warden Item to do it. If the inmate is unassigned, then the warden who locked them up in the first place is the only one who can release them. If an assigned inmate was placed in Zero by a warden other than their own, then the warden who locked them up or their assigned warden can release them.

    So, what about wardens who get locked in by tricky inmates/other wardens? They're handled the same as an unassigned inmate.

    Please remember that there is always at least one warden in Level 0. Making a breakout happen, having two inmates attack each other without any intervention, having an inmate sneak in, having an inmate steal a Warden Item and lock somebody in, etc. without taking this into account and letting others know is godmodding.

  32. What if I need to ask the Admiral for something?

    Admiral requests are usually done by Wardens, though Inmates can do them, too. When requesting something, you might not get what you want, so don’t assume anything. We’ve come up with this list to help.

    Automatic Approval - These are things that you do not need to wait for approval on.

    Inmate revival
    Non harmful items (examples include: reward objects for inmates, cigarettes, reasonable amount of alcohol)
    Posting restrictions
    Powers removal
    Journal Access

    Must wait for Admiral’s decision - These are requests that you cannot automatically assume and must get an Admiral’s response.

    Powers return
    Dangerous items/objects (this would be anything that could harm another person or the user.)
    Reassignments (unless cleared with a mod beforehand)
    Anything that changes the barge in some way
    Anything an inmate requests

    When in doubt, ask a mod. We’ll help you figure out if you can assume something or not.

The FAQ will be updated as questions arise. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, feel free to comment, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Last updated: 04/08/2016

tucky: (Default)

[personal profile] tucky 2015-01-07 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
Can an inmate filter something to all wardens, or are the warden/inmate filters completely separate?

(no subject)

[personal profile] tucky - 2015-01-07 01:32 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] tucky 2015-01-08 06:14 pm (UTC)(link)
SORRY FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS FROM ME but what kinds of eating utensils are there available for use in the dining hall? Would be be plausible for an inmate to sneak a knife (or a fork, if they aren't given knives) into their pocket?

(no subject)

[personal profile] tucky - 2015-01-11 05:46 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] tucky 2015-01-26 06:30 pm (UTC)(link)
AND AGAIN are you sick of me yet. This is just a quick clarification question to make sure I don't screw something up! The settings page says that only the warden Item that locks an inmate in Zero can get that inmate out of Zero again. Does this also hold true if an inmate is assigned a warden of their own? I'm talking to someone who says they think they remember times when an assigned warden was able to override the Zero lock and get their own inmate out even if another warden was the one who locked them up, but they're not 100% sure on that and think they might be misremembering.

(no subject)

[personal profile] tucky - 2015-01-30 03:17 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] tucky 2015-05-29 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
Quick question! Do inmate files disappear upon graduation, or can Tiffany still have hers (Merlin gave it to her early on, so she's been the one keeping it)?

(no subject)

[personal profile] tucky - 2015-05-29 02:04 (UTC) - Expand
circus_cupbearer: (Default)

[personal profile] circus_cupbearer 2015-08-11 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
So with the journals: will a new arrival on the Barge be able to back-read postings from before their arrival (just as you would on say, Tumblr or DW in real life)? If so, is there a limit to how far back they can read?
tucky: (Default)

[personal profile] tucky 2015-11-09 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
What happens to a paired inmate's file when they vanish? Does it disappear too, or does it stick around with their old warden?
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[personal profile] tucky 2015-11-16 01:50 pm (UTC)(link)
jfc most of the questions on this post are from me; I'm sorry

I'm looking to app a character (an inmate, if that makes a difference) who canonically is invisible to anyone who doesn't believe in him. Is this something that definitely would or wouldn't carry over to the Barge, or would it be up to me to decide how I want to play it?

(no subject)

[personal profile] tucky - 2015-11-19 13:04 (UTC) - Expand
sourcecode: (grooooosssss)

[personal profile] sourcecode 2015-11-29 06:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi mods I have a question! Is it possible for characters to post anonymously, or to like, have anon enabled on their posts?
a_very_distinctive: (Default)

[personal profile] a_very_distinctive 2015-12-04 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
It says warden's cabins can essentially be full houses, so I was just curious if this does/can include a kitchen and access to cooking supplies, since I could see being forced to use the dining hall as a way to increase interaction.

(no subject)

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[personal profile] a_very_distinctive 2015-12-06 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
... me again, and not 100% sure this is the right place for this, so sorry if it's not. I have a question about languages--specifically, in canon Eliot explicitly speaks Hebrew, Russian, German, Arabic, and Italian and at least understands Farsi as well. Given he's canonically a polyglot, what's the mod position on him potentially knowing at least some other languages--I was thinking French, just b/c it's come up in one of his TDM threads, and it and Spanish seem fairly reasonable given their relationship to Italian and his clear facility for mastering languages and activity in Europe. Beyond that, I was potentially thinking of some basic Korean, since he's canonically been active in Korea and proooobably spent some time in a North Korean prison. That said, it's not like any of that's likely to be terribly relevant/important in play and I'm totally unbothered by a no answer....

(no subject)

[personal profile] a_very_distinctive - 2015-12-06 23:07 (UTC) - Expand
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[personal profile] golden_eyes 2016-01-10 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Do inmates arrive in the same state as they died? With injuries that aren't related to their deaths/in the same clothes/etc.

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[personal profile] timor 2016-01-16 08:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Now that Pitch has all his powers back, I'm trying to figure out how his darkness teleportation would work onboard. I know he won't be able to use it to get into occupied cabins; does that extend to warden-locked areas too?

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[personal profile] tucky 2016-02-05 01:42 pm (UTC)(link)
What happens if a character gets their hands on their own file and destroys it? Does it stay gone, or does it reappear in the warden's possession?
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[personal profile] a_very_distinctive 2016-02-15 12:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Sorry if I'm missing somewhere that says this, but it just occurred to me. Do inmates have to request basics like soap and toiletries (razors, etc) or do they... automatically replenish when used up?

(no subject)

[personal profile] a_very_distinctive - 2016-02-15 20:35 (UTC) - Expand
sonofafish: (looks like a purple people eater to me)

A not at all pressing question

[personal profile] sonofafish 2016-03-22 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Are communicators at all waterproof? Can they function underwater? I ask as The Barge's current wettest character.
demolitions: unless otherwise noted (Default)

[personal profile] demolitions 2016-03-26 11:59 am (UTC)(link)
Can a character's actions in a breach count towards graduation?
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[personal profile] nomissingpersons 2016-06-09 09:59 am (UTC)(link)
So, with the new temp pairing restrictions, if two characters are temp paired, but one drops super early on (esp. before there's been any chance to actually play out the pairing), does it still count as one of the six temp pairs for the remaining character?

(no subject)

[personal profile] roseshavethorns - 2016-06-10 11:02 (UTC) - Expand
songoftimeandtimeagain: (Keeper of the Hidden Skills. 3)

[personal profile] songoftimeandtimeagain 2016-07-16 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
Could a warden item be a fairy? Instead of 'Hey check out that ring around death mountain' it'd say 'I wonder what your inmate is up to?' anytime there's trouble.
uglyminded: spinning tattoo (Default)

[personal profile] uglyminded 2017-02-21 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
OK SO I should have asked this on my app because it's kind of obvious, but in the Uglies universe most things, from clothes to toys, come from what is affectionately referred to as the Hole in the Wall. You tell the wall what you want and it builds it from the molecules up, like a 3D printer. It's roughly person-sized, and can build clothes right on a person. It's an advanced piece of technology that could probably be cannibalized, but it'd be a lot of work.

MY QUESTION IS, would Shay's Hole in the Wall be allowed to exist, and if so, allowed to work? There are safeties programmed in so that they can't make weapons, drugs, bungee jackets, anything that could potentially get somebody hurt - though Shay would have found a workaround no doubt, the Admiral could make that Not Possible.

(no subject)

[personal profile] uglyminded - 2017-02-22 18:12 (UTC) - Expand