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TLV - Character Applications

0 out of 10 Warden Applications
September is an Inmate-only month. Only applications for inmates will be accepted

Application periods are open all month every month until further notice.

Please read all rules and guidelines before submitting an application. Be sure to check the Taken Characters list and the Retired Characters list before posting an application here.

  1. Each player may submit only one application per 30 day period from the date of approval of their previous application, up to the five character limit for the game.

  2. We currently will only allow THREE APPLICATIONS PER FANDOM IN A SINGLE APP CYCLE. This means that if one fandom receives three applications during the month, any additional applications for that fandom will not be considered and will need to wait until the following month, when they can be reapplied. Fandoms include the universe the title is in and any variations on it.

  3. If you are applying into an existing cast, please be aware that we will speak to players of characters close to (any version of) the character for which you are applying. We reserve the right to reject an application if it would render a current character or characters unplayable in the opinion of their player(s). If your app is rejected for this reason, we ask that you respect the decision.

  4. Both samples may be taken from threads on the Test Drive Meme, as long as they are recent and match your application with respect to canonpoint and warden/inmate status. The TDM goes up once per month and is always marked on the Event Calendar. If you would prefer to write yours out and would like some inspiration, check out the Flood Event tag on the OOC community; you're welcome to write a sample based on your character's reaction after one of these events! Here are a few popular choices.


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Mozenrath | Aladdin TV Series (Re-App)

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Peter Vincent | Fright Night 2011 | Trade-In for Will Graham

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Erik Lensherr | X-Men: First Class

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John Allerdyce (Pyro) | X-Men Film Trilogy

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User Name/Nick: April
User DW: N/A (darkspectre on LJ)
AIM/IM: darko crumbles
Other Characters: Alan Wake, Alex Mercer

Swallowed up in fire


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Satsuki Yatouji | X/1999

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User Name/Nick: Alex(is)
User DW:[personal profile] flamingchemist
AIM/IM:Ondrea Fireheart
Other Characters: Stephanie Brown

App Here


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Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu | The World Ends With You

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User Name/Nick: Senri
User DW: this one.
AIM/IM: Sushiflop
E-mail: undead.invader(at)
Other Characters: N/A

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Aladdin | Disney's Aladdin

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Charlie McGee | Firestarter

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User Name/Nick: Mouse
User DW: lacking one. Sadly.
AIM/IM: AIM/runsfromtheshop
Other Characters: None.

Follow the smoke and you find fire.


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Reapp: Zuko | Avatar: The Last Airbender -> Trade in for Heero Yuy

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Re-app: Ariadne | Inception

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Ripley 8

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Writer: Eric.
Messenger: Poetic Fangs
Characters: Rayne/Aleera/Morrigan/the T-X.

Character: Ripley 8 (Ellen Ripley's clone).

Series: The 'Alien' films.

Age: Technically, extremely young, but operating at a complete "adult capacity" and with many memories from the woman's life from who she was cloned.

From: Following 'Alien Resurrection'.

Status: Warden. Early on in her development, Ripley's clone could easily have gone either way, but by the end of her story, she's saved lives and stopped the Alien threat. She would be useful with those characters who have a primal, lone wolf attitude and perhaps abandonment issues. Would have a complete understanding of someone with a predatory nature. She can also be a little motherly

Item: Some sort of computer.
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Abilities: As by-product of the cloning process, Ripley's eighth clone is tainted with DNA from the organism she was resurrected to host. This resulted in numerous enhancements to her physical and mental abilities and, in effect, technically makes her a hybrid.

In short, these come down to acidic blood, certain highly developed forms of awareness/instinct and levels of strength and resilience in excess of a typical human being.

Ripley's clone also seems to be what might be termed borderline telepathic... But only in so far as the Alien creatures, since she shared some sort of mental link with them. She showed no evidence of having one with humans, however, which makes this largely irrelevant (actual telepaths might find her a little easier to 'read', however).

Specific details of these are as follows:

Ripley's blood is red, but corrodes just about every known material, including metal, plastic and, interestingly, glass (the latter of which points to it perhaps being something other than an acid). It will not, however, burn her own body, but will easily start to eat through any other flesh. It takes a while to do this: A few seconds to start going through the plastic coating of some wires, for instance and a metal blade she cut herself with began to smoke, but did not fall apart. In effect, this would make wounding her with bare hands a very painful prospect, but mostly not fatal.

She is also capable of highly accelerated healing and does not seem to experience even nearly the same levels of pain a human being would. Or at least, does not react to it in the same way. As an example, she pushed a knife slowly through her hand just to make a philosophical point, keeping it there for an extended period of time before sliding it out. The wound was no longer visible a few moments later. Conversely, there was a scar on her chest from earlier surgery, but this presumably still exists due to the medical tools being treated with something to prevent them being corroded, which may have slowed any resulting healing effects. Nevertheless, even this apparently closed at a speed far in excess of that expected of a human, judging from the surprised reactions of those monitoring her.

Ripley's other physical capabilities are just as exceptional. During a confrontation where she was playing basketball, she is shown using massive force when striking an opponent away. It's difficult to tell just how much, but it's enough to force a well-built human male across the floor with a very pained reaction (which, considering she was also shown breaking free from thick steel cord, is understandable). Being struck heavily in the face with metal weights was met with little apparent damage, save for nose bleeding. Her reaction seemed more like being briefly dazed than genuine pain and any would-be concussive effects were non-existent, since she veered instantly out of the way of the next blow. She then caught a basketball hurled at her from the side before even seeing it, suggesting extremely good spatial awareness. Ripley was also shown not only dislodging a facehugger, but apparently killing it - something which should be impossible for a single human being.

Further examples of strength and reflexes come in the form of punching open a metal panel and casually throwing a ball behind her, scoring a direct basket with absolute perfection.

These skills aren't merely the result of someone undergoing a lot of training. They're directly due to the Alien DNA in her genetic code. An Alien was later shown literally dodging bullets in a similar manner to how Ripley evaded the metal weapon, with the obvious suggestion it was the very same ability.

In the same way, Ripley began to sense the spaceship she was based on had begun moving, even though it was in something termed 'stealth run'. The details of this were not clarified, but spoken of as something which should have made it impossible for her to have detected the change in inertia.

These traits don't make her Supergirl, but they do mean she is a formidable opponent in any potential fight. But she's as vulnerable as anyone else to guns or bladed weapons and, while it's not known if Aliens, themselves, are vulnerable to fire, the other Ripley clones were shown to be highly flammable. A high voltage jolt of electricity directly to the head was also shown knocking her to the floor.

Mentally, she retains many memories of the original Ripley, including name, rank and serial number. Some details are hazy and may or may not come back with the fullness of time. This is because they have passed memories down on a genetic level. Because of this, she was shown to have remembered the skills necessary for piloting a spaceship and is likely to remember how to use similar technical equipment from her 'old' human life.

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